Medicare & Medicaid

In general, Medicare & Medicaid will cover medically necessary ambulance transportation to the nearest appropriate medical facility. A patient has the right to appeal Medicare’s decision. In the event that a patient’s bill is rejected by Medicare, they can file an appeal for reconsideration. Simply obtain all of the information in regards to the service provided (i.e. ambulance records, emergency room records, physician notes, discharge orders, etc.) and mail them to the Medicare carrier requesting an appeal.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services publishes the Medicare Coverage of Ambulance Services booklet which explains:

  • When Medicare helps cover ambulance services
  • What you pay
  • What Medicare pays
  • What to do if Medicare doesn't cover your ambulance service

You can find information about Medicaid at this link.

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You can find links to information about ambulance services covered by Medicare & Medicaid at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services - Ambulance Services link.