Greece Volunteer Ambulance (GVA) is primarily supported by third party billing for ambulance transports. Third party means we contract with PSRM (Public Safety Resource Management) to prepare bills, contact medical insurance companies, answer inquiries regarding the account status and originate related correspondence. For billing questions, call PSRM at (585) 321-5521 Fax: (585) 486-1286 Email:

  • GVA bills for services when a patient is transported and for certain emergency services when there is no transport.
  • We gratefully accept donations or memorials. We conduct an annual fund drive, soliciting contributions from residents of our primary response district.
  • We receive no funds from any level of government or fire department, except for an occasional grant for a specified purpose.
  • The reason transport charges might seem high is the cost of having crews and equipment available at all times.
  • It costs a little over two million dollars a year to operate GVA. These costs include employee payroll, purchase of medical equipment and supplies, building and ground maintenance, base utilities (gas, electric, etc.) and the need to replace a vehicle (ambulance or fly car) each year.


If you would like to make a donation to GVA, please click on the Donate button below.